Welcome to Wits End Wiccan Supplies

About Wits End

Wits End was established in December 2005 by three sisters in the tiny Wairarapa town of Featherston. Many people expected we would not last the distance and questioned why we were not based in Wellington. The reality is, Wicca draws on the energy of your immediate environment so why would we want a business that was not where we live? Simple - we live here, we love it, and by the laws of reciprosity we are supported in what we do (what do they say about the power of three? By our will, so mote it be).

My name is Victoria and I am the developer of the business (the other two sisters have provided financial and establishment support). It all began as my search for ritual tools was leaving me frustrated as I travelled the country trying to find what I wanted. I enrolled in a Diploma in Small Business Management through Te Wananga o Aotearoa and before it was even completed the doors of Wits End were open.

I am utterly grateful to Kathryn who offers unconditional support to me and Wits End through her wealth of knowledge, her generosity of time and skills, and her unstinting commitment to the business integrity. Together we, and often others, gather for our weekend ritual of offering the path to Wicca and serenity through the open doors of Wits End.

It has been an awesome journey of eight and a half years to here as the word spreads and Wits End has become known through the Pagan community. We continue to openly celebrate all Sabbats and invite you to join us when you can.